About Us

We are a Seattle based company that has been in business since 1996. We source directly from the manufacturers so no middle man. Because we buy in very large volumes we can strike very good deals, also saving on shipping costs, working on slim margins and clearly pass the savings along in our low pricing.

NOTE: We get asked the question often. "Your prices are so much less than anyone else. So are your products end of life, used, seconds, refurbished, fell off the back of a truck.?" The answer is. All of our products are new and current models. Many have our unique model numbers, but are the exact same units as others sold in the USA and Europe. Others testers we have made to our specifications, designs, technical direction and are exclusive to us.

CIMETRIX Ltd has no affiliation or relationship in any way with CIMETRIX Inc,  They just got the cimetrix.com URL before us.

Our Guarantee

Customer service is extremely important to us. We will make every effort to answer any questions quickly and if there is ever a problem resolve it ethically.


1021 SW Klickitat Way, Suite 102
Seattle WA 98134

Office Ph 206-340-5995

Fax 206-340-5996

Email sales@leebhardnesstesters.com

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